Rules VoxelArmy Rules

Our previous set of rules were a little outrageous, we've reverted to our older rules, but changed them a bit.


• You must use your real name and wear the va tag at all times to view stats on our website

• No using aliases at anytime. By using another name it is difficult for us to see who's active and what va| members are online

• No faking other va| clan members gamertag or anyone elses


• You must always wear your clantag (especially to track your stats for our website)

• We reserve the right to deny anyone for our own decided reasons

• You may reapply, however you should spend time with the clan before your reapplication


• No cheating or hacking of any kind on any public server

• No spamming on public servers unless in good fun on a private clan server

• No disrespect to other players, treat everyone with respect

• Do not use unnecessary profanity or be rude for no reason


• Try to get on as often as possible

• Come on Discord, the website and gameservers to interact