How to Apply

If you are interested in joining us, post your application here! Please read the "How to Apply Thread" prior.
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How to Apply

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First of all, to apply, you'll need to register

Please answer all the following questions. Questions with a * are not mandatory:

A free Month Trial will be given to all comers (Unless you are a known hacker/cheater) Also we will allow Multi-Claning eg: Mapper in cH Fragger in va or ofc visa versa
Respect towards the community is held high so insure that you are in fact a respectful person before submitting your Application!

1. Your name*
2. Your in-game name (and old names)
3. Your old clan tags
3. Your location
4. Your age
5. Position of your application (fragger, editor or both)
6. The mode you prefer (ffa/effic/insta)
7. Your motivations
8. Screenshots of duels/public games/editing (if you're applying as an editor)

Be sure that:

1. You speak english.
2. You got a microphone.
3. You're able to speak.
4. You're on our Discord:

Please, entitle your application "Application of <your_name>". After your free Month trial you'll need 75% of yes to join the clan.

Even though you will be given this chance to prove yourself we will not allow Bad behavior or Hacking/Cheating ..... This will result in a COMPLETE termination of your Application and you will be exposed to the community

Good luck for your future application!
Yes!!!!!! You can!!!!!

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